Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost the End of January

Dear Family,
How are you all? I'm doing quite well and am really happy. These past week has had its ups and downs. I won't really go into the downs much because that's really depressing and not the purpose of this email. I will say though that we are having much difficulty teaching Martha. We only saw her once and she is having a lot of problems stopping drinking coffee. It seems that the adversary is working quite a lot on her. She feels pressured by her addiction and those around her and it seems that she has given into the temptation for momentary pleasure and to relieve her stress for the moment. So it doesn't seem like she will be baptized this Sunday. We continue to work with Chris to encourage his mom by teaching him from Preach My Gospel. That's the main low.
Back to the ups. So last week on Thursday we decided to walk around and talk to people, but it didn't seem like anyone wanting to stop and listen except for really two people and guess who they were . . . ministers from other churches. The first one was from the Free Church of Scotland and we talked a bit and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said that he really wouldn't have much time to read with all the other stuff he does. No matter, maybe that book will bless him or someone else. The other was a priest in the Episcopal Church. He was really nice and we talked about the Trinity and the Book of Mormon and he graciously accepted a copy and said that we could come over to his home for a "brew." I hope that doesn't mean a beer. Hopefully just coffee or tea, but of course we'll just take hot chocolate or something. It was very interesting to talk to him and hope that we could have a good discussion with him this week. So I think this might be a record of giving two copies of the Book of Mormon to ministers of other faiths in one day!
Antonio is doing really well. He's excited for his baptism and Chris Thomas will baptized him. He has even invited a relative who lives in Lossiemouth and she will come to his baptism. He is also going to invite her to the Burns Supper on Friday that will be held at the church. Burns night is on the 25th of January, but you can really celebrate it on any day around it. I hope that it will be good and fun. Yesterday I was sitting with Antonio after sacrament meeting and he asked if he could get a scripture case and I told him he could look it up online how much it is and so will I. So you can tell that he is really looking forward to being baptized.
Also yesterday we were so few in numbers that I was asked to give a talk ten minutes before sacrament meeting started. So as I continued to prepared the sacrament and greet people as they came in I started thinking of a personal story that I could share and I decided upon when I ripped my mirror off backing out of the garage. I was planning to link it into to repentance and that's all I could think of doing so I decided to do that and then follow the Spirit from then on out. So I got up when it was my turn. I shared the story (everybody laughed which was a great accomplishment), shared D&C 58:42-23 about repentance and then I took off from there and shared about the Alma and his conversion and how then they became great missionaries. Finally I read "I Stand All Amazed" out of the Hymn Book. Then I was just about going to end, I got a note which read "END." So I closed as I planned and sat down. When I looked up at the clock I had spoken for about 15 minutes. To me this is a great accomplishment. Not only did I deliver to talk on the spot, but I was able to speak longer than I ever had and so much so that I was told to sit down. I would never have been able to do this back home. The Church is true. This is one reason that I was so happy. Later on yesterday we had a cottage evening at the Hopkirks and watched the Testaments. Chris and Antonio were there. It was good and I'm glad that they were able to do that.
Next week we start sacrament meeting last. This was the way it was in Ayr, so I'm used to it. That was an interesting movie that you watched. Bonnie means pretty or beautiful in Scottish. As far as my suit is concerned, it's actually in pretty good condition and I think I actually going to give it to Chris Thomas since he doesn't have one along with one of my white shirts. Since I bought my new one here, it don't really need it anymore, and he needs it much more than I do so he can participate in his priesthood duties. He normally comes in a T-shirt and jeans. This will make him look a lot better. I hope that everything goes well for everyone this week. We are really excited for Antonio's upcoming baptism. I would just like to remind everyone to send all mail to the mission home if you are planning to write this week. Next week is transfer week and who knows if I'll be transferred. I'll tell you next Wednesday. Adios. Hasta luego.

Elder Buxton

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