Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow

Dear Family,
I hope that all of you are doing well back home. I am doing quite well. The people we are teaching are doing alright. Antonio is doing quite well. He is reading from the Book of Mormon and came to church on Sunday and he is excited for his baptism and is looking forward to it and has less fears this time around. We meet with him tonight and he will hopefully pass his interview this Friday. Martha has been off and on. She was good in the beginning of the week, but things have slipped down a slope and we are trying to get her back on track starting tonight. We are also teaching another lady named Kareen. She lives in Rothes which is ten miles south of Elgin. He is really good and really accepting of the message we presented to her. She is conditionally scheduled for the 12th of February. We just tried by her on Sunday after we went to the Johnsons for dinner and she let us in so we taught her and we hope that we can bring her closer to the Savior.
So speaking of church. We had church on Sunday even though it snowed Friday night. So Elder Erickson and I went and got some snow shovels (amazingly we found some after a guy told us while we were in another store looking for them) and plowed it Saturday morning and again in the evening and gritted it so that there wouldn't be an excuse for us not to come to church. We were pleased that it wasn't canceled after all that we did. The snow is somewhat melting now and we hear that it will be quite warm this week, which is good so that more people will likely stop and listen to us.
Today we went to Aberdeen because Elder Sindylek had a meeting and we tagged along to hang out with the missionaries there.
I did get your letter this past week and hopefully the package and the letter arrive this week. It would seem that the weather here in the UK wouldn't be much hinderance, but you never know behind the scenes unless you were actually there. So that's it for now. I hope that each of you have a wonderful week full of good bits.

Elder Buxton

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  1. "a wonderful week full of good bits" haha that's awesome. i love jeff in scotland. thanks for posting his emails michelle! :)