Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

Dear Family,

How are you all? I am doing quite well and we have seen some miracles these past couple of days. This email won't be very long as I am sending you a letter that I wrote on Monday that contains in good detail what happened last week. In brief we went by this former investigator, Antonio D'alioia. He was taught by Elder Stewart way back in August. He was ready to be baptized, but felt rushed, so he dropped them. We went by and he let us in and said that now would be a good time to start investigating. So we invited him to church and he came and enjoyed it. Then on Monday we were able to go by him and schedule him for baptism! We set the date of the 29th of this month so that he doesn't feel rushed. He agreed and we're excited to teach him. Also on Sunday we were able to go by Martha Thomas and went through the qualifications of baptism with her and we helped her set a goal to be baptized on 22nd of this month. We will see her tonight and help her on her way. We are really excited for these things that happened. Other than that, not much has happend and you'll have to wait for my letter. We did have church on Sunday because all of the snow melted. It was wonderful and full of the Spirit. I was so glad to come to church once again. This also means that it is a bit warmer now, but not much, so no, I'm not freezing to death. Oh and the reason that I am email today is because Monday and Tuesday were bank holidays and the library was closed until today. So this all that you get this week until my letter comes, which might be next week, but be patient and it will come along with my package as long as customs doesn't hold it up much. So I love you all and I am excited for this week as we hope to help Martha and Antonio prepared to be baptized.

Elder Buxton

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