Thursday, December 30, 2010

After Christmas Email

Dear Family,
How are you since we last spoke? The reason that we are emailing today is because the library has been closed Monday and Tuesday because of Christmas and Boxing Day (Since they were on the weekend they give people the next weekday off). This will be the case next week as well I believe because of New Year's. Apparently New Year's and New Year's Eve which they call Hogmanay is bigger than Christmas which basically means that it's another excuse to drink. I plan on joining in on the fun this year and toasting my drink with them (of fizzy juice of course). I will give more information on how they celebrate it next week. So I guess there isn't much to write in this email other than what has happened since Christmas. Sunday, Boxing Day, we went over to the Wares and baked cookies for the Butlers (the elderly couple we visit and give the sacrament to). They didn't have any chocolate chips so we took some small candy bars and cut them up into small pieces and put them into the chocolate chip recipe that I somewhat remembered from home. They turned out alright, but the true test is when the Butler actually consume them. Then we went and shoveled two member's footpaths for them before going over to the Stobbarts for dinner.
On Monday we had a meeting in Aberdeen followed by an activity. For the activity we went to a place called the Sizzling Wok where you pick up your meats and vegetables and they fry them for you and then you can up on your rice or noodles. It was quite good and I was full for the rest of the day (Aren't we creative in our activities?). Then we went and found Brother King's tilt shop, but it was closed so no kilt yet. When we returned we went by this man named Craig who we found 2 weeks ago and said that he wasn't too interested, but his partner was. We asked if we could come in and talk with and him and amazingly, you could see his desire to learn flowing out of his eyes. He has been prepared. His partner wasn't there so we set up to see them on Thursday. We are really excited to teach them and help them progress on their way to the Savior.
Yesterday Elder Erickson woke up quite ill with a cold and a massive headache so we stayed in. It was quite a boring day and I am excited to get out and do missionary work today.
The snow is melting and the forecast from what we hear just has rain so we will hopefully have church this Sunday. This is bittersweet since I really want to go to church to partake of the sacrament and rejoice with the saints here, but his foils my plans to go less-active while on my mission (don't worry, I'm not really planning on going less-active, but if church was canceled once more we could say that we were). We hope that with this better weather that the missionary work will go forward and that more people will be willing to speak with us and come to church. I love you and hope the best for you. Tell people that I say hi and that I am doing well. Thankfully I haven't picked up Elder Erickson's cold yet. All the Best.

Elder Buxton

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