Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Dear Family,
It has finally come. Last night at about 6 pm, the first snow of the year fell to the Irish ground. It didn't really stay, but then it snowed some more this morning and the roofs are topped with white. It didn't really stick to the ground except for in the hills really, but this only means that more will come soon. It was really unexpected, but last year it had already snowed by this time. Is there snow in Utah yet? Are week has been a bit tough, but we will continue to be resilient as this will be a tough time during the year. Thankfully the ward is providing some things for us to do like carolling and singing in choirs. We are also having a Ward Christmas dinner on the 16th which will be really good. We are hoping that the day afterwards that Eddie will be baptized.
Eddie is doing great and has really shown great effort in living the word of wisdom. He has no other concerns at the moment. He unfortunately couldn't come to church because a couple of months ago he promised to go to a christening. He was really bummed that he couldn't come as church has now turned into the highlight of his week. He really loves meeting with us and learning about the gospel. It has really changed his life and his family has said that he is so much more calm, patient, and especially happier. Other than him, we have really struggled to meet with anyone else. We were able to meet with this man named Sean and speak with him, but he wasn't there for his return appointment. We met with Rakesh on Sunday night and that was good and he gave us some Indian food to take home with us. Yesterday we also met with a man named Niel, but he seems to be quite content the way that he is. I just hope that the next time that we see him that we can help him feel the Spirit and that He will touch his heart in such a way that he will yearn for more. One great miracle was that on Wednesday we spoke to these two ladies that were baptized about 40 years ago when they were children. They were very nice to us and let us come to their home the next day. Then one who owned the home, Kathy, was really open to having us around more and I feel that she really needs the healing power of the atonement and gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that as we continue to meet with them that they will come back to church.
I am really glad that the Durango Ward is finally getting a convert baptism. I think that the last time was when the missionaries found a less-active a baptized her kids. I went with the missionaries one of the days just before their baptism. Are they still coming to church or did they move or what?
I mailed your package last Monday and I know that it will arrive in time because there wasn't any snow then.
Just to clarify a statement sent to me by my sister, as of tomorrow, I will have 6 months left in my mission.
I will you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you will be able to share the Love of God during this Christmas season.
Elder Buxton


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