Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12th

Dear Family,
How are you all? I am doing well. There hasn't been much snow since last Sunday. If it does snow, it snows in the hills surrounding Belfast. I really don't know what the forecast will be this week, but the funny thing is that how much people complain of the cold. It might be that we are in most of the day so we get used to it, but as far as I know, it hasn't really been much below freezing. I really glad though that the bad weather hasn't hit yet and I really hope it never does. Trudging through the snow isn't that fun.
As far as Christmas goes, this is what were are doing. We have Sacrament Meeting in the morning at 10 and then afterwards we are doing service until 4pm. Then we go to a member's homes for dinner and phoning home. We are going to the Templetons and Brother Templeton is the ward mission leader. So I think you should probably work this out for me, but after 4, what would be the best time to skype? (I think they can anyways, but I'll let you know more next week) Your package hasn't arrived in Lisburn yet, but not worry because there are still 13 days to Christmas and if mine got home so quickly, yours should be here soon and I'll probably get it in our Christmas Zone Conference on December 20. I sent my package early just to be positive that it would get there before Christmas and I hope that you enjoy what I sent. Yesterday we were allowed to watch the Christmas devotional and I really liked it especially the new videos that they have made. They are really well done. I liked what President Monson said about how the spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. I can really feel it coming along. Our ward is doing quite a bit. This Friday is our Ward Christmas dinner. A week from Wednesday we are going carolling at a care home where a member stays. Next Sunday is a stake carol service which I think is just a concert where the wards come and sing at. Then on Christmas Eve, there is a fireside. I am really excited to be doing these things.
As far as missionary work goes. Things were kinda slow, but Eddie is doing really well. I believe I told you last week that we walked with him to church. This week he walked himself to church. He really enjoyed it and is fitting in nicely with the members. He loves to listen to the Book of Mormon and is understanding the story line for the most part. He is also making great progress keeping the word of wisdom and has nearly quit smoking. The funny thing is that a couple of months ago, he told his son that he was going to quit drinking and his son doubted greatly, but Eddie did. Then a couple of weeks ago after we taught him the word of wisdom, he told his son that he was going to quit smoking and his son doubted, but his girlfriend reminded him of how he quit drinking and his son said "oh," and felt embarrassed. He came to the Christmas devotional as well and loved hearing from the prophet. We are hoping that he will be baptized shortly after Christmas.
We also began teaching again a man named Thomas. I have mentioned him before. He goes back and forth between Belfast and county Tyrone and he was finally back again and staying for the weekend. He came to church on Sunday as well and really enjoyed himself. He felt the spirit strongly during Sacrament Meeting and participated well during Sunday School and Priesthood. We also ran into some good people and hope that their appointments hold. One man named Kevin nearly died some time ago and believes that God is letting him live for a special reason that he hasn't found out yet. We testified that this is what he has been looking for. We set up an appointment and he seems quite keen. The funny thing is that he lives on the street that Elder Graves and I were looking for when we found Eddie. It really does exist.
As far as the places I would like to visit when you come, I think that it might be better to discuss that on Christmas. Truthfully i would like to visit all my areas because there are nice things to see in each (Loch Ness, Cliffs of Moher, Culzean Castle to name a few).
I love you all and thank you for emailing me and keeping me posted on many things.
Elder Buxton

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