Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Dear Family,
We are doing quite well here in Belfast. The weather is getting cooler, but it hasn't snowed yet. This time last year, there was already snow on the ground. Hopefully it never does. For Thanksgiving we went with the zone leaders (actually they were on exchanges so there was 1 zone leader from south London and an American from Park City, Utah) to the Adams' home. It turns out that none of them are American. They started having Thanksgiving every year ever since one of their daughter married an American and even though they have moved to Utah, they still like to celebrate it. It was really nice and quite authentic (thanks to amazon.co.uk where you can buy some American things). There was everything you would want and everything was going well until dessert and I was sitting at the end of the table next to Sister Adams who was dishing out dessert and she accidentally knocked her glass and it spill all over the table and me. It wasn't that bad and it's not like I'm used to being wet. So that was my thanksgiving and afterwards we went to a Elders' Quorum activity at the church where we played volleyball.
So, we are still teaching Eddie and he is doing quite well. He came to church again and enjoyed himself. The funny thing was that we went to walk with him to church and he came down in a suit which we weren't expecting since he wore normal clothes the past two times. We are now working with him to quit smoking and when he does that, he can be baptized and right now we are looking to December 10. Another funny thing was that on Monday, he decided to buy Christmas presents instead of his electricity so we had a lesson in his home by candlelight. It went well though.
On Monday we started teaching this young man named Dean. He's interesting and after we first spoke to him that he would just be an annoying teenager, but after teaching him, he told us that he really wanted to change his life around. We are really glad for that opportunity and look forward to teaching someone that we can relate to somewhat since he is around our age. The funny thing was that when we went back to see him again, we pretty much got the help of the whole street to try and find him. So it just goes to show that once you know someone, you can get a world of connections.
So since there's no Thanksgiving, there isn't a black Friday either, but people are putting up their decorations and Christmas trees and doing their shopping. In fact, we might even have Christmas sorted out for already (we might be going to the Templetons-the ward mission leader). The in the city centre, around the city hall, they have put up this Christmas market that I want to check out. Maybe I might find something there. It seems that you had an adventure and I can only imagine what hundreds of ladies must act like there.
I will be looking around for what I will be sending home and hope that I can find some good stuff.
Oh I am supposed to tell that while in our Gospel Principles class that Brother Templeton was talking about the Family (Chapter 36 I think), that he told us to tell you that while you were sleeping, that we were in his class eating chocolate and that we were just fine and not to worry.
Elder Buxton

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