Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moves Week

Dear Family,
How are you all doing? We are doing really well. So you may be wondering who my new companion is. He is Elder James from Lindon, Utah. He is pretty good and I look forward to serving with him and teaching him the ropes. I asked him if he knew the Doxeys, but he didn't. He went to UVU before he came out on his mission. This past week was pretty good. My trip to Edinburgh was a good one. I got to sleep in this time and awoke at 4:15 a.m. and was picked up by the zone leaders an hour later. The weird thing was that I was all alone in the airport. I was thinking to myself as I was walking there that this wasn't right, but I got to Edinburgh no problem. We hiked up Pratt's Hill like normal and it was another beautiful day. Then after our meeting we helped the assistants a bit in transporting the missionaries coming from Ireland to the mission home or train station. Afterwards we did a bit of street contacting and the strangest thing happened. This lady was approaching us and she reminded me so much of Michelle. It was so weird. The great thing was that we were able to get her information to give to the missionaries there. A similar thing happened a couple of week ago with Elder Graves as we were walking in a place called Glengormley and I saw this man in the distance who reminded so much of Matt. It spooked me a bit because he had a similar build and haircut, but it wasn't you Matt. He wasn't interested either. So on Thursday we took the ferry back. Everything was fine until we got into the Irish Sea and the waves got bigger which means the boat was going up and down and I was feeling sick. Thankfully I didn't throw up.
Eddie is still doing great. We had stake conference on Sunday and he really enjoyed it there. He was listening very intently on the talks that were being given. At stake conference we had the Preston Temple president over and he gave a good talk and about the need to plan when we are going to the temple. He shared how typically those that live farther away go to the temple more often than those that live nearby because they plan in advance when they can go. As part of stake conference we attended the Saturday night adult session which we normally don't do, but we were asked to sing as a missionary choir. At first we were told we were singing #13 An Angel from on High, but they changed it right before to #5 High on the mountain top. I think it sounded good. On Sunday night we remembered that Elder James needed to schedule someone to be baptized by the end of the night and so we did some finding and we were looking for the opportunity to do it. It reach 8:40 and we hadn't done it yet, so on the last door on the street a lady answered and we spoke with her, set up a return appointment, and then I nudged Elder James and he invited her to be baptized and she eventually accepted. I was praying very hard that the Lord would be able to provide a way for us to do it and He did. We were so thankful that we had that experience.
As far as Thanksgiving goes, I would like to give you a history lesson, especially Michelle. Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the U.S. and Canada. It has to do with the Pilgrims if you remember correctly that even though they came from England, it was done in America. Later President Lincoln made it a national holiday. So it is not generally celebrated here. However we were invited by the zone leaders to go to a members home in Newtownabbey Ward to have Thanksgiving dinner there. I believe that she is American and she asked to have 2 companionships come so we are going. I was excited to learn that so I can be proud to be an American. The funny thing is that both of our zone leaders are British. Go figure.
Jimmy is doing well. He came to stake conference as well and he said that it was easier for him to come this week than it was last week. So we look forward to progressing him to be baptized.
I will be Christmas shopping next week since we don't time this week because of a zone activity that we had. So if there are any final orders, please send them by next week. Also what kind of jewelry are you looking for?
That's funny about Elder Farnsworth. I thought our ward did very well in feeding the missionaries. We are taken care of just fine here in Cavehill Ward.
Well I hope that everything is going well for you and that Thanksgiving turns out great.
Elder Buxton

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