Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear Family,
How are you today? We are doing well. Our greatest joy this week was the progress of Rakesh. I finally was able to get him to make us some Indian food-which I like a lot now. So he fed us Tuesday and then again on Thursday. Both times we brought Brother Valliday, a recent convert. He really like him there. I must say that the food was stupendous. Do you like Indian food at all? Also I called him on Saturday to make sure he was still alright to come to church and he invited us over again to have some more food. Since we had nothing planned, we went over there. He truly is a lovely man and wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. He is slowly, but surely progressing towards baptism. We were also able to meet with Thomas. He is really prepared and is doing all the can to understand our beliefs. He reads whatever we give him and he answers the questions in the back of the pamphlet (which most people don't even bother). However it seems that he has some fears coming to church, but we plan on bringing a member with us tonight so that hopefully by getting him to meet with some of them, he'll be more likely to come to church. Jimmy and Christina we weren't been able to see last week. However, we had a good experience last Tuesday. We were supposed to see this member family, but they had to rearrange for another evening, so we decided to tract their street. As we started, none of the doors were opening until we talked to this guy from Portugal. He couldn't really understand us, so he got his girlfriend to come out and talk to us. So we talked to her and she invited us in. We shared a bit and gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed excited to read it. So I know that when things fall through that there is an opportunity for a miracle. Another great experience happened later in the week. We had this appointment with a guy, but he wasn't there, so we decided to go by this other guy, Paul, who we talked to earlier, but wasn't there for his return appointment either. I didn't really want to, but Elder Ihalmo did, so we did and there he was and he let us in briefly and gave him a Book of Mormon. So remember also that the Holy Ghost can inspire us through simple thoughts that we have.
I got my tooth fixed today so now I look normal and not like some hillbilly. Hopefully now I can keep it on until I come home. It seems that the dentist tried to really put it on sturdily so that it will last for the next 10 months.
I have also been hearing about the riots in the UK mainly around London. It really is becoming a dangerous situation from what I hear. Much of it has stemmed from parents not having any control over their children. As of now, none of the riots have spread to Northern Ireland. I have also heard that the riots there have been much worse than the ones here over the 12th. Simply no one died here, but I think you can see otherwise.
Lastly to answer you question about how I have grown on my mission. Well I believe that I am still the same height than when I left. Maybe I should have measured myself before I got on the plane. My suits still fit as well as my shirts, socks, and shoes (however, one pair is already beginning to fall apart. It's nothing I can really control as it is the bottom near the heel). This probably isn't the answer you're looking for, so I'll continue. One way that I have grown in my understanding of the gospel. When I came out, I thought the 3 missionary lessons were 3 different, unrelated things that we teach. However I come to find out the opposite. I like this line in Preach My Gospel, "Through a modern
prophet, God has restored knowledge about the plan of salvation, which is centered on Christ’s Atonement and fulfilled by living the first principles and ordinances of the gospel." The lesson all interconnect with one another and build upon each other foundation upon which on doctrines are built.
Well that's all for now. Oh and when you do come over next year, you must try an Ulster Fry. It clogs your arteries, but it is really good.
Elder Buxton

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