Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Family,
How are you all? We are doing well here in Belfast. Things are really starting to pick up as we move farther and farther away from the 12th holidays. Many things have died down, except for in Londonderry so I hear, but you don't have to worry about that because I am miles away. Anyways, we tried and blessed this week. The great things was that Rakesh came to church again and really enjoyed himself and has said that he wants to continue to come more and more. Hopefully we can prepare him for his baptism at the end of the month. On Tuesday we attended a funeral for a member who suffered from autism and epilepsy all of his and amazing lived to 42 years of age. His family hadn't come to church in a long time because they were taking care of him. So we went to the funeral and it was a nice service. Then amazingly on Sunday, his mother came to church and was well loved by the members. I also went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Friday to Bangor where we had a good time. There we taught a new investigator and invited her to a baptism of a child of record that was happening that evening and she came! She really loved it and was looking forward to coming to church that Sunday. I was also on exchanges in Cavehill South on Tuesday. So both of those days, Elder Ihalmo went by Jimmy and he is doing alright, but wants to take things slow so that he can prepare himself to be baptized. We also started teaching two teenage Africans from Zimbabwe named Tafara and Tawanda. They are willing to read the Book of Mormon so we shall how that goes. Thank you for sending me recipes so that I can now cook some good stuff. I took some with, but not my cooking book so that I could save space. I hope that the new BBQ worked out well and that you could cook up some good meat. And Michelle, I don't feel much sympathy for you because that's like every other day here that it's overcast, so man up and get out of bed. However i am proud that you talked to some boys and i hope that you can get your teaching license so you can whip those youngins into shape. I am glad that Dad is feeling better so that he can mobile again. Well I really can't think of much else that happened so have a good week and be good member missionaries.
Elder Buxton

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