Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Year

Dear Family,
How are you doing? I am doing very well. The work has really picked up and we see ourselves getting busier. This week we have a lot planned so we look forward to seeing to all of our appointments. Eddie is still doing very well. He was struggling in the beginning of the week, but he has come around and his spirit are quite high. He experienced a miracle and also a humbling experience. We were over at his home on Wednesday and Sister Templeton eventually convinced him to give her all of his tobacco. A couple of days later he smelled gas in his flat and called someone to fix it. They did and he realized that if he had lit a cigarette that he may not have been here anymore. The Lord does work in mysterious ways and I am sure that this strengthened his and our faith that He lives and is providing for His children. He is now off the smokes for about 4 days and is doing very well. We hope that he can be baptized next week as we continue to meet with him and get him off the nicotine patches. He came to church and really enjoyed himself and is being fellowshipped quite well into the ward. We were also blessed that another man that we have been working with, Thomas, came to church as well. He was back from Tyrone and came to church. He said that he really enjoyed Priesthood when they spoke about the life of President Smith. They shared about his experience on his mission when a mob came to his cabin and began shouting into it, but he knew that he was on the Lord's errand and would be protected. In what should have been the scariest moment of his life, he had no fear, but was full of faith.
Last week I mentioned about a man named Sid. Well we met with him a couple of times and it turns out that he knows a member, Brother Hull, and some members we spoke to at church knew him as well. He really wants to turn his life around. We met with him yesterday and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and it finally clicked why the Book of Mormon was so important and necessary that he should read it. We hope that as he reads the Book of Mormon and live the commandments that we will teach him, that he will receive power to quit his addictions. We also started teaching another man named Gareth who is interested in hearing our message and is really curious to find out how we know that these things are true. He says that he will be at church next week as well.
On Friday, Elder James and I went to Edinburgh for a new missionary meeting. We discussed many principles about missionary work that not only apply to new missionaries, but all. We spoke about how to begin teaching, revelation through church attendance, revelation through the book of mormon, and teaching commandments (like the law of chastity). It was really good and I loved being there and learning from the assistants and President Griffiths. Also while we were in the airport, I bought some nice ties for a good price (70% off) in a shop there.
This winter has been really mild as well. Christmas was 13 degrees Celsius. It is interesting that it was similar in America. I am glad though that is was so mild because snow and missionary work are no fun.
I'll email President today about the endorsement and I think we are having interviews next month so that I can speak to him about that as well as getting my temple recommend renewed. Thank you for all that you do for me.
Elder Buxton


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