Thursday, September 1, 2011


Dear family,
So today is a bank holiday so the library is closed so I am sending this from the applestore from an iPad. Sometimes it's difficult to type so this might not be that long. Anyways my companion is Elder Graves from Missouri. He is really good and reminds of the days when I came out. It is a real humbling experience training him. He is 19 and went to college studying philosophy so he is a real thinker. I guess you could say that we have two ends of the spectrum in our companionship-he uses the right side of his brain and I mainly use the left. So we foil each other quite well.
So a little about what has happened. At 3:45 on Wednesday I got up to get ready to be picked up by the zone leaders, pick up another missionary training and catch a flight by 7. So we got to Edinburgh, got some training,then the new missionaries arrived and we went and climbed Pratt's hill. I think that they should be sending me a picture of us on top of it. Then we went back and had some more training and then found out our new companions. By this time it was time for dinner and then we planned for the next day and went to bed. One Thursday we took the bus and ferry and got into belfast at 5. Then we missed our bus and had to wait for another one which made us really late for a dinner appointment we had with the Boyds. We then saw Jimmy who was doing well. However we are unsure at then moment how he is doing since he went to Ballycastle for the weekend. Rakesh is doing fine as well and still feeds us. Some god things that have happened are that we talked to this guy on the street and he said that he wasn't interested, but that we should go by his brother. We did and he was quite nice and we set up an appointment to see him on Wednesday. We gave him a book of Mormon and he accepted it. It was the last book of Mormon that we had so we decided to back to our flat to get some more. As we were doing, this elderly man across the street called us over and we helped him carry his bag back to his care home which wasn't that far, but he would stop every couple of steps which made it last longer. It was good because along the way we taught a brief restoration to him and then some more back at his care home. His name is Thomas and became to church on Sunday and enjoyed himself. So a simple thought produced a great miracle. Oh and whenever did make it back our flat to get more books.
I am glad that me flash drive made it and hope that you enjoy the videos. If you could send that back I could send you some more. Also if you could send me the follow CDs: one more stone(bishop young's cd), joseph a Nashville tribute, be though an example of the believers, and any other motab or church CDs.
My guess for Bryce is Denmark Icelandic speaking. I hope that you. I hope that you all stay safe and continue magnifying your callings.

Elder Buxton

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